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The Gold Series sensor package created by Motorsport Tuning Solutions is designed around safety and performance.


This sensor package consists of:

  • 1x Oil pressure sensor with electrical plug kit
  • 1x Fuel pressure sensor with electrical plug kit 
  • 1 Intake air temperature sensor (fast response)
  • 1 Link CanLambda wideband kit (or Haltech WB1 kit)


Although there are many sensors to aid performance and provide feedback for tuning and monitoring, Motorsport Tuning Solutions has put this kit together for what we believe should be a minimum standard for all performance engines. This is to protect our expensive engines, especially when we modify them to the extremes of today's aftermarket standards. Affordability with a high level of protection is the base of this kit.


This kit is designed for the Link G4X series ECU but is not limited to just the Link ECU platforms. ECUMasters, MoTeC, Emtron, Haltech, and any other aftermarket ECU that supports inputs and CAN bus integration work well.


Assuming we have all other standard sensors working correctly on the engine, this package will help protect engines from oil pump failures, oil supply issues, fuel pressure issues, consistent fuel control, fuel economy, overboost, and many more issues.


NOTE: Safety control systems in aftermarket ECUs are only as good as the quality of the tuner that has set up the features, parameters, and protocols to monitor and protect your engine.


Motorsport Tuning Solutions offers services to install, program, and set up ECUs for safety control and performance. Please reach out for further information.


MTS - SAFETY sensor package

  • Please note:

    The oil pressure, fuel pressure and intake air temperature sensor all have 1/8 NPT treads to make installtion easy. This thread type is used on most common aftermarket products.

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