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Motorsport Tuning Solutions - Performance and Safety System ECU Package


This package focuses on reliability, safety, and, of course, ultimate performance! We have put together what we believe is the ultimate ECU package, and we believe this should be standard across all high-performance engines and vehicles that are modified, from small builds to 1000hp+ insane builds.

  • Starting with the Link G4X series Plug N Play ECU, this has to be one of, if not the best, bang-for-buck ECUs on the market. With its very user-friendly and state-of-the-art software, it’s highly desired by most top tuners out there. The software’s logging system is very advanced and easy to use for all types of enthusiasts wanting to monitor motorsport track duties or just normal street driving.

    Its nearly unbeatable CANBUS system is very versatile, suiting even the most complex CANBUS device integrations.

    Full custom safety control, launch control, rolling anti-lag, traction control, DBW, and fully customizable logic to control anything you desire.

    On-board 7bar map sensor on most PnP G4X ECUs.

    To top this off, most vehicles get a Plug N Play ECU. This brings the initial cost down and simplifies the entire install.

    For us here at Motorsport Tuning Solutions, this is a no-brainer when deciding on which ECU to use.

  • Next, we have the safety system. Apart from the standard knock sensors and safety RPM limits the ECU has, we supply 2x pressure sensors (oil pressure and fuel pressure) to aid in further safety control.

    1. Oil pressure monitoring is very important. So we set custom tables in the Link G4X ECU to monitor oil pressure and cut or limit engine RPM in the event an oil pump fails or there is some sort of oil pressure drop.

    2. Fuel pressure monitoring is very important. So we set custom tables in the Link G4X ECU to monitor differential fuel pressure and cut or limit RPM in the event of fuel pump failure or a fuel pump pressure drop due to restrictions or a poorly designed fuel system.

    Another benefit of fuel pressure monitoring is that we can use this for our fuel tuning when tuning a vehicle on a dyno or street, for more consistent and reliable fuel control.

  • Next is the Wideband sensor kit from Link. This is used to help maintain good fueling control and economy, especially in the idle, cruise, and part-throttle areas. This uses Link's CANBUS lambda module on the CANBUS system to monitor and control fuel.

  • Next is a highly sensitive and accurate intake air temp sensor that is mounted just before the throttle body to help monitor air temperature about to enter the engine. This is very important for the ECU to work out its airflow and fueling requirements for optimal performance.

    We also use this intake air temp sensor to aid in safety and power management.


Combine all of this with some inexpensive ECU looms for CANBUS, inputs/outputs to connect everything, and you have the ultimate ECU package that is very affordable considering the exceptional features and control you get with the Link G4X series ECUs.


Please contact us directly for any more information or further package deals.


Pricing can change depending on which model vehicle you require this package for.


This does not include installation, tuning, or wiring of sensors and the ECU to the vehicle. These services are available and can be discussed.


Link ECU packages



    Motorsport Tuning Solutions - LINK G4X ECU and Safety sensor package!


    - LINK G4X ECU (plug n play series)

    - MTS ECU case

    - LINK On board map sensor 7bar (most g4x pnp but not all)

    - LINK CanLambda wideband kit 

    - Link Canbus harness

    - Link I/O extender harness x2

    - Intake Air temp sensor and plug kit

    - OIL pressure sensor with plug kit

    - FUEL pressure sensor and plug kit




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