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Custom dyno tune on the Mainline ProHub (2wd only)


Specialising in LINK ECU, HALTECH, HP TUNERS with the JDM and Euro platforms.


- RB - JZ - SR - LS - EURO


Contact directly for availability and book in times.

Mainline ProHub Dyno tune

SKU: 364215376135191
  • This is for a base running tune calibration only.


    • Sensor calibration
    • Start up
    • Idle
    • Steady state tuning
    • Full power run tuning with fuel and ignition tables
    • Basic safety control
    • One boost setting (if applicable)

    Price does not include motorsport features (advanced safety controls, boost by gear, multiple boost maps, rolling launch, anti-lag, nitrous, staged fueling, traction control, torque management, gear shift control, etc.).

    All upgraded features are available per discussion.


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